Dental surgery

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Our practice has many benefits, but when it comes to dental surgery, we outdo ourselves :-)

What does dental surgery do?

Dental surgery is one of many specialities in dentistry. Its association of many patients with surgery is correct. This field of dentistry concerns major surgical procedures which substantially affect the tissues. Examples of such procedures include:
- Extractions of baby and permanent teeth.
- Extractions of wisdom teeth (the so-called "eights").
- Extractions of partially or completely impacted teeth.
- Root apex resections.
- Microsurgical procedures in preparation for further prosthodontics and implantological procedures..
- Hemisections, i.e. removal of tooth roots.
- Teeth reconstruction.

Tooth extractions

It is one of the most common surgical procedures, which involves an extraction of a tooth from its socket with the use of special instruments. The next step is to apply the necessary dressings and sutures. The extraction of a tooth or teeth is a last resort procedure and should be carefully thought out. Whenever a tooth treatment is possible, it should be performed. However, there are situations where the extraction of a completely healthy tooth is necessary. Such necessity may occur, for example, in the orthodontic treatment, when the teeth are too crowded. Doctor Magda has performed thousand of extractions by far. She does it quickly and painlessly. You won't believe it until you'll see it for yourselves!

What should you know before the procedure?

We are aware that surgical treatment may raise reasonable concerns in most patients. Due to that, at our practice, we try to properly educate patients and dispel all doubts. It is our assumption that what we are most scared of is what we do not understand. Before any procedure, the doctor will explain and discuss the whole treatment plan in details, including each step of it as well as its consequences.