What should you know before your first appointment at our practice?

At our practice, we favour a comprehensive approach to treatment. We want every patient to obtain a full picture of the situation. Dental check-ups at WDA are very thorough and based on full diagnostics. Would you like to know what this is all about? We encourage you to read the entire article.

Treatment history

Many of us have visited many dental practices throughout our lives. It is hard to remember all appointments as well as what and when was treated during them. The perfect situation would be if every new patient of our practice took their past treatment history with them. Thus we will be able to assess changes in one's dentition over the course of time quicker and without speculations. All you need to do is contact your current dentist, who will issue a set of documents after completing a few formalities.


Usually, dentistry and treatment methods are a great unknown to the patients. Patients have a vague idea of how caries is treated or what a root canal treatment is about, but they usually don't know much more. There is nothing wrong with that. After all, patients don't need to know much about dentistry. However, we know from our experience that patients often misjudge the dentist's work through lack of such knowledge and also underestimate what they hear during the appointment. We strive for being in a situation where the patient does not only get rid of the problem but also understands why specific treatment is performed and what are its consequences. Due to an understanding of all aspects of the treatment, the patient will gain not only health and satisfaction but also knowledge regarding how to protect themselves from any recurrence of the problem.

Why aren't dental check-ups at our practice free of charge?

At many dental practices, check-ups are free of charge. They usually take a few minutes, and no diagnostic examinations are performed during them. The patient hears calculations and the total cost of the treatment. Patients often look for a practice that will offer the lowest cost. In our view, this is not right. An inaccurate dental check-up often results in "surprises", for which the patient will have to pay additionally in the future.

WDA has an entirely different approach. At out practice, a check-up lasts 45 to 60 minutes. It gives us enough time to analyse all information:
- Initially, we'll want to review the patient's treatment history and expectations
- We will ask you to fill out a questionnaire concerning your health, medications you are taking, as well as to sign the necessary documents.
- We will carry out a thorough examination of your mouth.
- We will take X-rays/3D scans of your oral cavity.
- We have our own photographic studio, in which we will take extra- and intra-oral photographs, which are necessary to visualise and prepare the treatment plan.
- After the appointment, the patient receives from us a treatment plan with cost estimate and variants of the treatment.

During the appointment, we tell the patient how the treatment will proceed, as well as familiarise the patient with the technology and materials that will be used (and we use only the highest quality products available on the market). We are open-minded and help our patients to customise the treatment to meet their financial capabilities. We can prepare a simulation of an instalment plan if need be.

In our opinion, such an approach to check-ups of new patients brings much better results and, ultimately, is also much more cost-effective. Why do we think so? Because our patients say so. This is the best confirmation of our words.

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