The Straumann Dental Implant System

The Swiss group, Institut Straumann AG, has been creating implant dental systems for more than half a century. In that time, it has established itself as a world leader in dental implantology and tissue regeneration. Multi-year results of clinical investigations show that Straumann implants have the highest survival rate (98.8%) of all registered dental implant systems. Moreover, the extensive scientific evidence on Straumann implants available in over 700 research papers makes it the world's best examined and documented system.

Global trust

With its Swiss precision of manufacturing and clinical excellence, the Straumann® implant system has earned worldwide trust. Doctors in over 70 countries have already inserted more than 14 million Straumann implants. Patients can rest assured that, regardless of location, they will always receive service and support.


Straumann® implants are covered by a lifetime guarantee provided by the manufacturer. The guarantee period for titanium abutments is 10 years, whereas a 5-year manufacturer's guarantee covers all-ceramic abutments. Detailed guarantee conditions are available at our practice.

Revolutionary innovations:

- The original SLActive surface - is a chemically active surface, which facilitates and accelerates the osseointegration. It allows for a safe implant loading with a superstructure even in 2-4 weeks after the surgical phase of the treatment.

- The Straumann Roxolid material allows for the choice of a greater number of treatment options, which can be less invasive. Roxolid is an alloy composed of titanium and zirconium. It is stronger than pure titanium, therefore it can be used in the case when smaller implants must be used due to an insufficient amount of bone.

A bit of history

The origins of modern implantology date back to the 1950s. Professor Reinhard Straumann established the Straumann Research Institute in the small town of Waldenburg. Its activity focused on the research of innovative metal alloys. These materials are used until now in top-class Swiss mechanical watches, representing their proverbial quality and accuracy. Prof. Straumann, wanting to test the durability of these materials, decided to drop several watches from a plane flying over New York City at the height of 1,000 metres. Research conducted thereafter confirmed that each watch not only stood the test but also functioned equally precisely. Institut Straumann quickly gained an international reputation.

In 1960 prototypes of dental implants were created due to the research conducted by Dr Fritz Straumann, the son of the company's founder. The research mainly focused on metals that are well tolerated by the human body and improve the healing process. In 1974 Institut Straumann developed a pioneering titanium dental implant.

And so it began. Today, after many years of clinical investigations, implants are commonly used as a safe and permanent solution for missing teeth.

We are the Partner Clinic of the Institut Straumann AG. Such cooperation enables us to perform even the most complicated implant procedures.

Why did we choose this system?

Inserting dental implants is practically a lifelong investment. When deciding on such a solution, it's worth considering not only the cost of the procedure but, above all, the quality, durability and safety of a particular system. Choosing the Straumann system, we're sure that we offer our patients the best solutions available worldwide.

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