Surtron 50D Electrocoagulation

With the Surtron 50D device used for electrocoagulation, we can perform highly precise surgical procedures. Which ones? For instance, crown lengthening or undercutting of the frenulum. Procedures performed with electrocoagulation are bloodless, and the healing process is much faster compared to a traditional scalpel.

What exactly is electrocoagulation?

Electrocoagulation, also known as surgical diathermy or thermolysis, removes lesions on the skin and oral mucosa with a high-frequency current. Depending on the needs, electrodes of various shapes are used. Electrocoagulation is applied in cosmetology as well as in medicine (including dentistry).

An electrocoagulation device is indispensable in modern dental surgery. It allows for the performance of highly professional, precise procedures and operations due to its ease of operation and being equipped with safe solutions.