Root canal filling system

Root canal treatment requires, in particular, a great deal of attention and precision. The technology used in the treatment was a real revolution in the moment of its appearance. Currently, no one can imagine the treatment process without its application. Root canal filling system with thermoplastic (heated) gutta-percha has become a standard at our practice. It guarantees even more precise sealing of the canal and thus reduces the possibility of complications. In a word: it means peace of mind for years.

Endodontic micromotor - used for accurate and precise preparation of root canals. This device, owned by us, is one of the latest of this kind available on the market. The micromotor - though extremely advanced - is simple and intuitive to use. Not only a doctor will appreciate many of its functions, but there's also something that our patients will love: with our micromotor, the total time of root canal preparation is up to 40% shorter than with a standard one.

The endometer - used to measure the length of the root canal. This device facilitates the dentist's work and decreases the risk of complications and failures in endodontic treatment. The length of the root canal is measured with two electrodes, a display and a signalling device. Measurement of the root canal length is completely painless and convenient for the patient. It can be performed repeatedly, and the endometer can also be used in children and pregnant women without any obstacles.

The device for filling the canal with thermoplastic liquid gutta-percha guarantees even easier, even faster and more precise endodontic treatment. After removing the infected dental pulp, shaping the canal, disinfecting and drying it, the dentist must fill the canal with a special material. If not, it could lead to bacteria multiplication, other complaints and complications. Gutta-percha is of natural origin. It's extracted from the sap of Sapotaceae trees. Under normal conditions, it's a completely inelastic material. However, when heated up, it shows high thermoplastic properties. We plasticise gutta-percha with our device so that it ideally adapts to the irregularity of the canal. In this way, it guarantees a tight filling of the canal over its entire length.