Intraoral X-Ray Unit

We also take X-rays using an intraoral X-ray unit, which allows us to diagnose our patients very precisely and quickly. Its high frequency, minimal radiation and many more parameters will please every dentist who will have the opportunity to work with this unit. Intraoral (periapical) X-rays are necessary, first and foremost, at the treatment control stage, but they may also be of service at the planning stage. Due to this technology, the dentist can indicate a definite diagnosis or conclude the treatment process by assessing the condition of teeth and bones. The examination takes only a few seconds, after which the X-ray can be viewed on the computer screen. Radiovisiography, which concerns intraoral (periapical) X-rays, has been used in pre-treatment diagnostics and during each root canal treatment for years. One of its characteristics is the highest resolution of all dental radiological examinations. The newest digital systems guarantee the quality of X-rays that is even better than of those taken on a radiographic plate. And all of this with an eight times lower dose of radiation! X-ray of a tooth gives the dentist an accurate picture of the roots, number and degree of canal curvatures and the possibility to detect caries at the contact area which are invisible during a routine dental examination. Taking an X-ray does not require a referral and can also be taken at the patient's request. Pregnant women should always inform their dentist about the pregnancy. All our surgeries are equipped with X-ray units, which allows the dentist to control each stage of the treatment. It results in greater precision and thus safety of the treatment.