Crown Lengthening – A Solution for Aesthetic Smile Enhancement

Crown Lengthening – A Solution for Aesthetic Smile Enhancement

In today’s society, aesthetics and beauty play an increasingly significant role. We pay more attention to details that directly impact our appearance. One aspect that affects the aesthetics of our face is the length of teeth exposed during smiling and speaking. However, the level or symmetry of exposed gums is not always satisfactory and can negatively affect our appearance and self-esteem. To meet patients’ expectations, in this article, we introduce the method of clinical crown lengthening.

Characteristics of the Procedure

What exactly is clinical crown lengthening? It is a procedure that allows for the extension of the tooth crown by removing excess gum tissue. As a result, the teeth appear longer, and our appearance is rejuvenated. Crown lengthening is performed using a safe cautery, or electrocoagulator. This device allows for precise shaping of the gum tissue while simultaneously coagulating the tissue (forming a clot), which significantly accelerates and facilitates the healing process.

Invasiveness of the Procedure

The procedure is minimally invasive and does not require lengthy recovery. Therefore, patients can return to their daily activities almost immediately after its completion. Crown lengthening is performed under local anesthesia to ensure maximum patient comfort without experiencing pain.

Indications for Crown Lengthening

There are various indications for clinical crown lengthening. One of the most common is the “gummy smile” or excessive display of gums when smiling. By lengthening the crowns of the teeth, the gums are elevated, reducing their exposure, and the teeth become the main focus of our smile. Another indication may be the shortening of tooth crowns caused by excessive gum overgrowth due to various biological and genetic factors. In such cases, the procedure can improve the aesthetics of the smile.

Another indication is an asimetric gum line in the anterior segment. Asymmetry is one of the most important factors affecting the aesthetics of our smile and applies to both hard tissues – teeth, and soft tissues – gums. Through clinical crown lengthening, we can correct the disturbed asymmetry by adjusting the gum line of the remaining teeth to one or several teeth with a higher gum level.

The procedure is also indicated in the case of drug-induced gum overgrowth. Some medications used for epilepsy, hypertension, and after organ transplantation have side effects, including gum tissue overgrowth. Discontinuing these medications (which is not always possible) does not lead to the restoration of the original gum line and constitutes an indication for crown lengthening.

It is also worth mentioning that the length of our teeth directly affects our appearance. Long tooth crowns exposed during smiling make us look younger. Moreover, lengthening the crowns allows for the exposure of teeth during smiling, rather than gums, which is often considered more visually appealing.

Crown lengthening – Pink and White Aesthetics

Lengthening the crowns of the teeth enables achieving a harmonious and aesthetic smile line. As a result, the teeth appear longer, and the gums are concealed, contributing to the aesthetic appearance. This procedure may also be necessary if we want to have veneers or prosthetic crowns on anterior teeth, and simply lengthening the crowns by using longer restorations may be insufficient or impossible in some clinical cases. Crown lengthening also allows for proper shaping of the soft tissues, which is crucial for achieving a natural and aesthetic effect.

Gum Inflammation

However, it is important to note that there is a difference between gum inflammation causing swelling and shortening of the crown, and truly low gum levels. Therefore, it is important to consult with our periodontist specialist, who will accurately diagnose our situation and select the appropriate treatment method.

Contraindications for the Procedure

Of course, there are certain contraindications to the procedure. Individuals suffering from serious, acute, and chronic periodontal diseases or bleeding disorders should consult a physician before undergoing crown lengthening.

Crown lengthening at Warsaw Dental Academy

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